Emancipate Women in Allahabad.

What can I say about being a woman? I didn’t think in
a gender-specific way I didn’t think about feminism, I just wanted to be a
human.I always used to think,there were no rules but I was wrong there are no rules if you’re a boy if you’re a girl you have to play the game what is that game you are allowed to be pretty and cute and sexy but don’t act too smart don’t have an opinion don’t have an opinion that is out of line with the status quo at least you are allowed to be objectified by men and dress like a slut but don’t own your sluttiness and do not I repeat do not share your own sexual fantasies with the world be what men want you to be but more importantly be what women feel comfortable with you being around other men and finally do not age because to age is a sin you will be criticized you will be vilified and you will definitely
not be getting arranged marriage proposals.Seeing all this around myself happening in the society
made me understand that women really did not have the same freedom as men. I wish that every woman were lucky enough to have a female friend that they could look to for support.Emancipate Women in Allahabad

I would like to say to all the women here today is this that women have been so oppressed for so long they believe what men have to say about them and they believe they have to back a man to get the job done and there are some very good men worth backing but not because they’re men because they’re worthy.As women we have to start appreciating our own worth and each other’s worth and seek out strong women to befriend to align yourself with to learn from to be inspired by to collaborate with to support to be enlightened by and to the doubters, the naysayers to everyone who gives women hell and say they could not that they would not that they must not your resistance make we women stronger make us push harder and make us the fighter that we are today make us the woman that we are today so thank you from the bottom of my heart to u all.Emancipate women in Allahabad


To add further I wanted to say to all you women out there that you are bold you are brilliant and you
are beautiful there is no other woman like you because you are your own kind of women, these are the affirmations that every woman should give herself every morning to remind themselves of who they are
to remind themselves of what they have overcome
to remind themselves of their worth. If you are already labeled the fat girl who is pretty for a big girl if your body like your confidence has been picked apart manipulated and controlled by others who
didn’t necessarily understand it.If you struggle to achieve true confidence and when u go home u feel disgusted with the woman that u see in the mirror. If you are incapable of affirming yourself then your insecurities have to be faced head-on because u like so many young women struggle to love the woman u see inside the mirror because of society’s narrow vision of beauty. You need to reclaim your body and its
image as your own you have to become your own role model no one else is to have that job over
the last few years I’ve come to the the conclusion that there is no one perfect body.You will feel free once you will realize you are never going to fit a narrow mold society wants you to fit in. You should honestly love your cellulite your roles the inner part of your thighs that jiggle and touch they are gorgeous. We need to start looking beyond the exterior of a woman and we need to start looking at her for what she’s doing who she is by creating a safe space for the important women in your lives for women to be who they are. Not hide for what they are not.Never let anybody tell you “no”, never let anybody tell you-you can’t be you, be authentic be your favorite kind of woman don’t let anybody else take that job.Emancipate Women in Allahabad



The purpose of telling all this was to tell all you women out there is that you are not alone we are there for you for all your struggles and every day fights with life.Lets all of us join hands together and become each other’s strengths.Let us all get united and raise our voices against the injustice and wrong that has been done for so long.The purpose of creating this platform is not only for fighting against the bigger issues but also for minor and smaller ones that we as women keep ignoring and thinking that is the way it is, this is the way we are meant to be because you have got so used and accustomed to the treatment you get in your day to day lives.But now the time has come to answer them all.Join hands with us and become a part of this family share your views and opinions and thoughts.Puke it all out here which you were not able to share with anyone because of the fear of being judged by others.If u feel that your thought process your views doesn’t match with your family or friends etc then you are not alone.Here you can be friends with the people with similar thought processes and can share your everyday struggles with them.Women equality is not only talking about the bigger issues like education, domestic violence child marriage etc but also about the minor once like being told every day by your elders how to sit, how to walk how to speak just because you are women.Gender equality is not only about educating a women but also and saying proudly to the world that my daughter wife or sister is a working woman and when she is at home then pressurizing her for getting married just because it’s her age even if she doesn’t feel ready it’s much beyond that.Here we are going to talk about such issues which are not even bothered to look upon by even the educated class of the society.So, its time now to take a step forward and join hands with us.If this initiative can make even 1% of a difference in the thought process of the ignorant people of our societies then our job will be accomplished.Thus i would like to conclude with one statement that is really powerful in itself and that is “If not now when?, If not you then who?”
Thankyou.Emancipate Women in Allahabad


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