Let’s take the case of a small town like Allahabad. A lot of gender issues can be seen in Allahabad a small town in Uttar Pradesh. Women keep hiding their day to day struggles from the outside world so as to keep the respect of their family and relationship. They do not tell the outside world what issues they are going through inside the four walls of the room. Allahabad is a town of a highly educated class of people like doctors, lawyers etc still women of these families have to suffer so much in terms of physical as well as mental abuse. Gender equality in Allahabad is a very serious issue which needs to be eliminated soon. The mindset of the people is so deeprooted regarding women holding an inferior position to men that it has not changed until now. The way girls are treated since childhood in front of their brothers and the things they are taught since childhood in front of them is where the major problem lies. What the kids see while they are growing up is what they are going to implement as adults. The parents are teaching their daughters each day how to behave how to talk how to sit how to stand etc and seeing all these things as a kid makes all the men think that women are meant to do all that and hold an inferior position to them. So, when they grow up and become adults they treat their wives and daughters in the same way. A lot of cases of gender issues are seen in Allahabad in almost every household whether big or small. The major problem is faced by the middle-class families as they are the ones who are more concerned about the society and most of the women from middle-class families are housewives. Husbands come back home from their work tired and exhausted and they take out all their anger on their wives.Since, gender equality in Allahabad is not of any concern to people thats why many people take advantage of it and abuse women because women don’t take any actions against it.

But the question is till when are you going to bear all this as women don’t you think its time to wake up and stand up for your selves. What wrong have you done to anyone to bear all this?. It’s so shocking to know that some women blame all this on their destiny. Some women say that whatever they are going through was written in their destinies. Instead of taking action against it they keep blaming their destinies, this is the reason why men take women for granted. So if you as women are going through any such issues you can always share your problems down below in the comment section and get to find some other women like you and share your problems with them and also with us. We are damn sure you will feel so much relieved.

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